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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 9, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- touchdown. a pair of twisters hit new york city. >> oh, my god! look at the tornado. >> a rare and terrifying sight. meanwhile, across the entire northeast, big storm was powerful winds leaving hundreds of thousand of people without power overnight. our meteorologist ginger zee covering it all. danger from above. look at this. a door from a plane plummets from the sky, landing in the middle of this washington state neighborhood. the faa investigating. but won't say where it came from. the mystery this morning. way too close. an alleged stalker brandishing a pair of scissors hops a fence and makes it to miley cyrus' front door, the arrest caught on tape and why he told police that he needed to see her. and taking the plunge. ginger and i take on the biggest adventure yet.
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jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet. what the full minute of free-fall is like. we find out if we're really meant to fly. i in no way want to diminish the bravery of my colleagues ginger and bianna, while they were jumping out of a plane, ron and i were doing something arguably scarier we were babysitting bianna's new son, jake. neither of us have changed a diaper in our lives. as you might imagine, i let ron take point on that mission. >> you do make a good point, dan. my husband peter was out of town. instead of calling to worry about our jump, he was calling to check on jake and see how you guys were doing. >> really? >> he was. i'm just saying. >> jake's okay, right.
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>> jake's okay. we're here, everyone's alive. there are other headlines to talk about this morning with elections less than two months away, new revelations from romney campaign, are they losing key battleground states they must win to take on the election. >> the math is tough for them. they can see it. we'll talk to george stephanopoulos about that in just a few minutes. as we approach the 11th anniversary of 9/11 meanwhile, abc news has obtained a new law enforcement bulletin warning of possible lone wolf attacks. but this year there's a big difference the way security officials handling the anniversary. we'll talk about that coming up. and on a much lighter note, we're all on pregnancy watch this morning. no, not for the royals, but for these guys. the panda at the national zoo at washington, is she or isn't she? it's more complicated to find out than you think when it comes to pandas. >> an urgent biology lesson coming up. but first, when we think tornadoes we mostly think of the midwest, but this morning,
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they're cleaning up in brooklyn and queens, a pair of twisters in new york city. they tore through the northeast. meteorologist ginger zee all over these. >> each blue dot represents damaging wind reports. so from littleton, new hampshire to durham, north carolina, the only tornadoes, though, on this day were in new york city. dark clouds descended over the new york skyline saturday as not one, but two tornadoes hit the big apple. >> oh, my god, look at the tornado. the first twister with 70-mile-per-hour winds sent debris and roof tops flying. >> just 15 seconds of intense wind, white noise, things crashing all around me. >> reporter: leaving mangled waterfront properties in its wake. the same storm cell is thought this have spawned this second twister with winds up to 110 miles per hour in brooklyn. >> there was a super wind.
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which is like the only i could describe it. felt like it was sucking you up. >> reporter: the tornadoes were only the small part of the day. chalk full of receive very weather. queens was also hit with flash flooding. cars nearly submerged as they struggle through the rising water. in new jersey, winds sent a tree branch into this living room. >> my heart was kind of racing and pounding. >> reporter: and there were over 286 reports of wind damage from south carolina to new hampshire. including a stage collapse in arlington, virginia where two people were trapped underneath the wreckage. this morning, power has been restored to most of the 200,000 homes that lost it up and down the east coast. so, wait, tornadoes in new york city? does that ever happen? it did two years ago in brooklyn. maybe you'll remember that one. but before yesterday, 12 reported since 1950. so, it does happen. but it is pretty rare. but here's a look at what happens behind the front. not a lot of severe weather to talk about. thank goodness. a good day for clean up.
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and a cool lot kwooler. temperatures slip to 70 in pittsburgh, 77 in philly. i'll have the entire nation's forecast. but for now back to dan and bianna. a lot of other news overnight. for that i go to my co-parent ron claiborne. >> i want to make sure that jake is okay. >> a-okay. >> he he was not traumatized -- >> it was a good bonding. we begin with a standoff between u.s. and russia, over the crisis in syria. in russia this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton acknowledged deep differences between the two countries on over to how handle the civil war in syria. russia opposes increased pressure on syria over its violent attacks on rebels and civilians. this comes as syrian war planes pounded the steve aleppo, trying to retake it from rebel forces. the terror group allegedly holding an american hostage as a prisoner of war, he will not be harmed. sergeant bergdahl has been held in afghanistan for more than three years.
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the commander said he will not be harmed in response to the obama administration declaring the organization a terrorist group. that was on friday. however, he vowed more attacks on u.s. and nato forces. in nicaragua, thousand of people were evacuated from their homes after a volcano erupted. on saturday, spewing a column of gas and ash. you can see there more than two miles into the air. people nearby said they heard three powerful explosions before see that cloud. take a look at this frightening collision. during a football game. a tulane safety collides head-to-head with a teammate suffering a fractured spine. he's in stable position. his doctors said he had some feeling, walker, that is. in his arms and legs. walker will undergo surgery in the next day or two. now finally, the honeymoon may not have lasted long for one football-obsessed couple. right, holly godard, an oklahoma state fan, and jim dare, an arizona fan, tied the knot during a tailgating ceremony, if you will.
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before their teams face off. arizona went on to upset oklahoma state. upsetting holly who's now asking for a divorce. didn't last long. just kidding, by the way. >> that part was a joke. they're off on their honeymoon. >> they're off on their honeymoon to a bowl game. we're going to turn to politics now. it's just 58 days away from election day. the election comes down to a handful of key battleground states. this morning, a new revelation from the romney campaign, just where they stand in those key states. abc's david kerley joins us with more from washington. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this is a game of hopscotch as candidates jump one state to another. but it is this really small group of states. mitt romney is now highlighting a stumble at the democratic convention. >> romney! >> reporter: in virginia, mitt romney went off the democrats, awkwardly inserting god into their platform.
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then the republicans seemed to take it a step further. >> i will not take god out of our platform. i will not take god out of my heart. i will not take god off our coins. >> reporter: is he suggesting the president wants to remove "in god we trust" from coins? no said his campaign. in florida, it was the president, again mocking those disproven questions about his birth certificate, when he ran into a nearly 7-year-old andre, who, like the president, was born in hawaii. >> you were born in hawaii. >> on kauai. >> you have a birth certificate? >> say, yes, sir. >> reporter: this exchange in a key battleground state, one of ten that will ultimately decide the election. but also this morning, the romney campaign admits, it is not leading in any of those states. the best, a tie in some. before the convention, the president was up three points in florida, up 6 in ohio, up 2 in wisconsin but numbers change. and that lead in wisconsin may
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have disappeared, because this morning -- >> here in wisconsin we're not better off under president obama. mitt romney added wisconsin to other battleground states that his campaign is now blanketing with tv ads. which is why you'll hear statements like this when the candidates just have to remember to change the name of that battleground state. >> we will win florida and we will win this election. >> reporter: and the state name that's going to be inserted today is ohio. that's the latest battleground stop for the president. romney is off the trail today. dan. >> david kerley, thank you. let's bring in the host of "this week" with george stephanopoulos. coincidentally his name is george stephanopoulos. good morning to you, sir. the romney people are conceding that the battle ground state math is tough for them. what can they do about it? >> well, you saw in david's piece, one of the things they're doing for them, they're trying to flip what has been a solid democratic state, the state of
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wisconsin, the home of romney's running mate, paul ryan. they'll have to do that in order to open up their possibilities right now. if you look at that map that david kerley put in his piece, right now, president obama now has a very small lead but he's got a lead in all of the major battleground states, lead or tied. that gives him many more paths to get the 270 electoral votes he needs. >> you got paul ryan on the show this morning, do you think he can help put the campaign over the top in wisconsin. >> he can make a difference. there's no question about that. the minute he was chosen he increased mitt romney's chances in wisconsin. overall, he's been kind of a wash. he excited conservatives. made mitt romney feel better on the stump. but also excited democrats and liberals and has provided a big target for the democrats. they go after that ryan budget on the stump every single day and in their ads. 15% lightning rod. lot of people were surprised by this joke that president obama made. mitt romney took a lot of flack for making a birther joke. now the president makes a birther joke. was it a wise move.
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>> oh, i think, probably yeah. i don't think it's a big deal either way. what's happening, when mitt romney does it, when barack obama does it, they're both doing the exact same thing, playing to their base. what he's trying to do is remind all of his voters, watch out for these other guys, they don't even believe i was born here. >> that's the game here, excite the base on both sides. then target the tiny sliver of undecided votes. >> probably fewer than 5% of the voters right now. >> wow, it's a game of inches. >> george stephanopoulos, we appreciate it. george stephanopoulos has a big show this morning, including the interview we mentioned with paul ryan. plus the powerhouse roundtable. it's "this week" with george stephanopoulos. coming up later this morning. thank you, george. bianna, over to you. in just two days will mark the 11th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. abc news has obtained a law enforcement bulletin warning of a lone wolf attack. noticeably missing this year, the warnings to be on high alert.
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abc's reena ninen has been looki looking into that. in previous years, terrorist chatter increased leading up to this anniversary date. >> reporter: that's right, bianna. we've gone through color-coded alert systems, stepped up airport security and law enforcement always remaining on high alert on the anniversary. but this year the security assessment has changed. as law enforcement agencies across the country prepare for the anniversary of september 11th a new bulletin obtained by abc has been told by a decline in 9/11 messaging by al qaeda. but they are warned, lone offender threats still a concern. officials tell abc news law enforcement will still remain vigilant. but these scale-back statements pale in comparison to the climate before last year's ten-year anniversary. >> entire intelligence community have been on heightened alert. >> there's specific, credible but unconfirmed threat information. >> reporter: last year,
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intelligence suggested that identify mial queda militants may be preparing for attack, using car and truck bombs in new york. why is al queda quieter this year? >> 23 of the top 30 al qaeda commanders are off the field, either dead or captured. this has been a pretty tough of months and year force al queda. >> reporter: while as an al qaeda threat has been downgraded the threat of lone wolf has loomed. recent terror attempts from times square to a portland parade and this dallas office building have been launched by single individuals. law enforcement officials tell us attacks by lone wolfs harder to track. they're much better infiltrating terrorist groups much dan. >> thank you for your reporting this morning. now to the mystery that literally dropped out of the sky the door to a plane's landing gear came crashing to earth in a quiet neighborhood right outside of seattle. so how did this happen? and why is the government being
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so tight-lipped about it? john schriffen is on the story this morning. john. >> lot of unanswered questions. witnesses said that it happened at a busy time of day. with children and parents heading off to work and school. one woman noticed a plane flying overhead that sounded like it was in trouble. and out of nowhere, the piece comes crashing down, skidding 30 feet on impact. it's the mystery that has the whole city of tent, washington, wondering, how did this get here? witnesses say the object, the size of a refrigerator door, fell from the sky just before 7:00 friday morning, crashing down on to this residential steel just outside of seattle. >> we heard a big crash. like a slap, slap. it did sound like a big piece of metal. >> reporter: the faa was soon on the scene. in a statement the faa told abc news the object was, quote, a landing gear door from a boeing 767. but, where did the door came from? just moments before it crashed neighbors described what looked like a cargo jet flying unusually low. >> it sounded a little --
7:15 am
>> distressed? >> yeah, distressed or vibrating. >> what could have happened in this instance, as the aircraft was coming in to land in seattle, the force of air on the door could have forced off an already weakened gear door that may have led to this piece of metal going into the residential area. >> reporter: this is not the first instance of plane parts falling from the sky. back in may, pieces the size of cell phones from an air canada boeing 777 scattered on to cars near toronto. just days before. a door from a small plane landed in the middle of a fairway on a miami golf course and in 2009 a dozen houses and numerous cars in brazil were reported damaged when parts, one weighing as much as 550 pounds fell from a cargo freighter. >> this is something that happens quite frequently, as airplanes get older and things tend to break. >> back to that most recent incident in washington state,
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the plane part that fell was clearly marked with identifying information. according to our affiliate in seattle, the faa has tracked down the plane, but will not release which company owns it. the good news, looking at the size of that piece, nobody was injured. >> really good news. they got very lucky on that one. thank you for your reporting this morning. we appreciate it. well, it may have been the most dramatic scene at the o.j. simpson trial of the century. the bloody glove not fitting on the fallen football star's hand. now all these years later, a startling charge. one of the prosecutors in a panel discussion at a new york law school, accuses the defense of tampering with a key piece of evidence that ultimately ended up acquitted o.j. simpson. abc's clayton sandell has the details. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> it was the defining moment in the criminal trial of the century. >> he would have killed. he could have killed. and did killed these two people. >> reporter: accused murderer, o.j. simpson, struggling into those blood-soaked gloves. prosecutors argued he wore them
7:17 am
during the brutal slaying of his es wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. the jury wasn't convinced. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: now 17 years later, christopher darden, the same prosecutor who told simpson to put on those gloves is accusing the defense of evidence tampering. >> the defense manipulated that glove -- darden claims that attorney johnnie cochran tore the lining so simpson's fingers would stuck. cochran died in 2005 but this morning, another member of simpson's legal dream team is firing back. >> if he had the complaint, he should have said it in front of the judge. 17 years later, he makes a serious allegation against the dead lawyer, there should be a full and complete investigation. and if he's lying, which i am convinced he is, he should be disbarred. >> darden could not be reached for comment, but some legal experts believe no harm was
7:18 am
done. >> when you lose was built as a slam dunk case, it became the most publicly advised case in modern-day history, it does cause a little pain. frankly he has the right to give his thoughts whether it's speculation or not. >> reporter: the question is now whether darden can prove his theory or not? for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> and our thanks to clayton. time now for a check of the weather and back over to ginger. hey, ginger. good morning, everybody. the tropics full of fun and i say fun, because there's no threat to land, at least the u.s. right now. let me talk about it here. tropical storm leslie. we have hurricane michael. and a new system that could become nadine. let's talk about leslie. it's the only one that will clip land, bermuda. it will become a hurricane by wednesday, 2:00 a.m. there, passed through newfoundland. what that means to us here, five
7:19 am
to eight foot waves. anywhere from south florida up to the tip of maine there, really rough surf coming in the next few days. thanks to leslie. now a little check on that autumn air. behind that cold front, absolute brrr up there. look at the temperatures, mid-30s in bismarck. international falls also, there's a frost advisory. that's a five-letter word we haven't heard for a while, frost advisories in the parts of the nation. and go back to the southwest where they're not thinking frost but monsoonal flow, some flooding possible. los angeles, 86. vegas today, 99. it's on the backside of that. see how it all shoves up there? tucson, 94. phoenix, 99. here's a look at the big picture.
7:20 am
maybe you'll remember last weekend we were talking about that big surf out in parts of south california. one of my good friends took this photo in laguna beach. he's an all-time surfer. you've got to see him on the waves there. then i saw this great photographer, dan harris -- >> wow, finally getting his props. >> i'm having heart palpitations. oh, my goodness. i have been sending her pictures forever. this is the first time she's included one. and i have to admit, my wife took the picture. >> dan! >> wasn't the wait worth it? >> no. >> thanks, dan. >> thank you, ginger. appreciate it. you made my morning. there's a big question gripping washington, d.c. this morning, not who will win the presidential election or whether hillary will run in 2016, no,
7:21 am
it's a potential panda pregnancy at the national zoo. >> you would think that with modern technology that zoologists would be able to give a definitive yes or no. turns out predicting panda pregnancy is not that easy. here's abc's john muller. >> reporter: are they or aren't they? all eyes are focused on the famous couple and their highly anticipated baby. no, not william and kate. the duke and duchess of cambridge, it's these popular pandas, adored by the hoards of visitors to d.c.'s national zoo, could have a new cub in a few weeks. that's right. the panda pregnancy watch is on. the clue, the mei has begun building a nest. her uterine wall is thickening and hormone levels have changed. sounds like a done deal. but panda pregnancy is never a done deal until the cub is born. that's because panda moms have a phenomena called false pregnancy. >> it's a time during which the reproductive tract changes and the hormonal profile mimics regular pregnancy.
7:22 am
the couple who came to the u.s. in 2000, had one baby cub, seven years ago, they also have had seven false pregnancies. even with ultrasound, it's almost impossible for doctors to tell if it's real or fake. if mei fail this time, she could be headed back to china replaced by a young i, more fertile female. but so far the zoo said that signs are good. and everyone is hoping that this time it will be pandamonium. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news. >> how cold is that? they'll send her back to china if she can't have a baby. >> talk about woman's lib, talk panda lib. unbelievable. >> a cub in the oven. i like that little sub title. >> hopefully there is. coming up on "gma," miley cyrus' alleged stalker. the startling arrest caught on tape. this man busted at the home of the pop star carrying scissors. even scarier, why he said weigh there. very odds. plus, one minute. a terrifying free-fall. bianna and ginger jumping out of
7:23 am
a plane. meanwhile, ron and i back at home baby-sitting bianna's son. the question this morning, this is a big question -- >> he was fine, don't worry about it. the question, which adventure was scarier? >> oh, don't know. i know who i vote for. finally, two hamsters, one wheel and what may be the craziest miniature animal stunt you've ever seen. take a look at them spinning away. that's coming up in "fixation." >> is that legal? ♪
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ ♪ that's either the bravest or dumbest thing i have ever done in my whole life. ginger and i jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet. my adrenaline is pumping again this morning. just watching this. ginger, you can attest to this. i think i was so pumped, right after we jumped, op the car ride home, i passed out. i crashed. >> she did. >> ginger was fine. ready to go back to work. >> you were doing the hook' em horns. i like that. >> she was at a&m. shout out to my brother. >> represent. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. also coming up, the new viral dance style, gangnam style
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it's on viral videos seemingly overnight, like a mother and son duo. coming up, one of our own staffers taking it to a new whole level. video coming in our "fixation" segment. but we'll start this half hour with miley cyrus, the teen star has been in the news a lot of late, first with her new hair style, but now an alleged stalker showing up at her front porch, carrying a pair of scissors, even scarier why he said he was there. abc's tanya rivero on the story. >> police department. step out of the gate. >> reporter: 4:00 a.m. saturday morning at the hollywood home of miley cyrus. >> put your hands up and walk towards us. >> reporter: an alleged stalker is coaxed from the bushes and arrested. the seemingly deranged man tells l.a. police he and cyrus are married. >> i am. she's my wife. >> even scarier. >> got any weapons on you. >> all i have is scissors.
7:32 am
>> reporter: police found scissors in his pocket. along with that bizarre heart hidden inside his shirt and tie add round his neck. >> he definitely believe that he was connected to miley and had a right to see her. >> reporter: it's unclear if he's a serial stalker. but cyrus' home has not been much of a sanctuary recently. >> this hasn't been a lucky address for her. everything seems to be going wrong at this house. >> reporter: last month, the singer appeared to be a victim of what is called s.w.a.t'ing. this time, they descended on cyrus home after a fake report of kidnapping. >> we responded to a call of kidnap in progress, one person shot. >> reporter: cyrus has a lot on her plate right now, planning her upcoming wedding to actor liam hemsworth.
7:33 am
perhaps, now, shopping for a change of address. for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. a lot of other news overnight. for that, let's get back to ron claiborne. cleanup begins from the powerful storms that pounded the east coast. spawning two tornadoes in new york city. the storm damaged buildings and toppled trees and power lines across the region, knocking out power for tens of thousands of people in washington, d.c. and that area. ginger will have more on that coming up in a minute. and former beatle, paul mccartney, has received a france award for music. sir paul has been knighted by the queen of england, that is. finally actor sean connery crashed andy murray's post-match news conference at the u.s. open in queens, new york, congratulating his fellow scotsman making it to the final. murray is waiting to find out who he will play much that's on monday. time for the weather and ginger zee.
7:34 am
>> let's start this morning with a look at the wls camera. this is new york city. much calmer, less stormy day here. that's a look over the park. it is going to be a whole lot cooler too behind that cold front. we stick with this cool air around the great lake, midwest. look even all of the way down to memphis. temperatures there only in the low to mid 80s. in chicago, lake-effect rain showers. temps only 70. new york today, only 77. another headline that i haven't mentioned yet this forecast, and you have to know about is in the pacific northwest and parts of the northern rockies, a red-flag warning is in effect. windy and not so humid. ripe for some of those warni
7:35 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by sensadyne pronamel. dan and bianna. all right. thank you, ginger. coming up on "good morning america" -- the ultimate airborne journey. ginger and i take the 13,000 foot plunge. and ron and dan -- take another venture. >> a different kind of plunge. we're babysitting at home. who gets to change jake's diaper? coming up after a break. and look at this -- dog and fish. what is going on here? the clip coming up in our "fixation" segment. keep it here. ♪ fixation segment. keep it here. ♪ the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush.
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♪ ♪ time has come. ♪ time has come. wondering why we did? since ginger has come here, she's gone on adventures. time has come. wondering why we did? since ginger has come here, she's gone on adventures. i was a bit jealous. i was pregnant. now, the baby's out. jake's 5 months old. we thought we would do bonding time. >> we asked everyone on the team to do it. but these two. >> i don't remember being asked. >> oh, yeah, you were asked. >> reporter: it's the ultimate adrenaline rush. stepping out of a perfectly good plane at 13,000 feet and diving through the sky. but could i actually do it? and could i? >> we thought that it would be a great bonding experience. but i boys.
7:40 am
>> i wouldn't do it. you couldn't bay me to do it. no. >> there's no way. >> no. >> reporter: they disagreed. we're taking on this epic plunge while they take on this my my little guy, jake. >> you have to promise me, you going take care of uncle ron and uncle dan. >> how are you doing? >> bring on the baby. he likes us. >> give me kissies. >> someone has to baby-sit. whatever you do with him, ron, do not watch television. >> do not watch television. >> do not watch television. i got it.
7:41 am
>> reporter: and then my partner in crime arrived. >> they're in suits. >> yeah, in suits much. >> suits. >> bye, guys. can you wave good-bye. >> a few hours later, we're here at sky dive long island. and sign away, everything. >> did you tell your mom about this? >> yes. >> what did she say. >> she's freaking out. >> reporter: while we meet our instructor, the guys get to know jake. and they're already breaking the rules. >> football. >> we suited up in our gear. >> how are you doing? >> while they get jake suited up in his diaper. >> i'm trying to help you. >> i've never had two more incompetent babysitters. >> then, i get a call. uncle ron. >> hi, ron. no, no. the orange stuff is actually
7:42 am
squash. that does not go with water. do not put that in the water. >> this could be very bad. >> make sure to burp him after he eats. is everything okay? >> we have complete control of the situation. he's fine. >> the boys figuring it out playing a successful game of airplane. >> oh, i don't know if any made it in. >> do you want this? >> while we finally head to our airplane and begin the trek, nearly 3 miles straight up. okay. now, this is getting real. the fear is setting in. the altimeter cranking its way to 13,500 feet. >> good morning, america! >> reporter: and somehow i drew the short straw. i'm going first. we inched to the door. as i'm strapped to our instructor.
7:43 am
suddenly i'm straining outside an open door with nothing between me and the ground and $13,000 feet of empty face. and then -- seconds later, i am out the door. >> instantly it's an explosion to the senses. heart pumping. the adrenaline, intoxicating. at this speed the air is -- here we are, plunging back to earth. 60 second of free fall. it's almost peaceful. the clouds there as if to touch them. i don't want it to end. but it's time for the chute. a few minutes to take a deep breath and take it all in. >> we're back on solid ground.
7:44 am
safe. >> how was that? >> that was awesome. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> hi, jake. >> mommy's home. we did it! >> mommy's home. >> i want to do that. >> the difference between ginger and me. she said a minute worth of free-fall wasn't enough. 33 hours of labor did not feel as long as this minute free-fall. >> you said that your instructor when the chute finally pulled, and you started to have this view, he said to you -- >> he said, "welcome to my office". the entire city and ocean below. >> would you do it again? >> no. >> you would do it again? >> ginger would do it again in five minutes. >> if there's a longer free-fall. >> you can go may much higher.
7:45 am
we need oxygen if we go higher. >> props to you guys, jake was alive when i got home. he seems to be normal much. >> thank you, that was a lot of fun. we'll be right back. ♪ you're my obsession ot of fun. we'll be right back. ♪ you're my obsession
7:46 am
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♪ you're my obsession haven't had enough wild videos this morning, so it's time for "fixation." where we show i stories, and videos that caught our attention this week. dan, you're first. >> all right. we have a two-fer from the barnyard. this one, i believe is a goat being fed. and look what happens when they scare the goats.
7:50 am
look at this. the goat is fine. he's pretending to faint. awesome style of survival. one other clip from the barnyard, this is a sheep, stand bye. listen to the sheep. we don't know if this is real or not. it's similar to the noise that bianna made when jumping out of the airplane. >> oh, boy. >> i have animals too. about but just not a barnyard. sasha the dog in las vegas, playing fetch, then just took a little break to do this. check it out. >> aww. >> a fish. >> a fish and a dog kissing. >> best friend bonding. forever, they're in love. we haven't had enough animals this morning. how about hamsters running around here at a pet store? spinning. spinning. doing their things. then things get technical. take a look. don't know how long that went on. we think the hamsters are
7:51 am
a-okay. take a look. this gangnam thing is taking off like crazy. >> gangnam style? >> yes. you know what it means, by the way? >> yes, i do. it's a dance. >> it's korean for south of the river. but our desk assistant, phil, has been going wild doing this. his own version of gangnam, which is an excellent rendition. not quite up to the korean standards. and we have a special guest for you, we have the real phil, live! on "gma" weekend. go at it, phil. >> we're going win an emmy for this one. we'll be right back with more "gma" and more films right here. >> don't hurt yourself. >> don't hurt yourself. ♪ whatcha got there, richard? they're for show & tell. wasn't that yesterday? yup, but the class wants me to do it again.
7:52 am
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all right, tomorrow is a big on all right, tomorrow is a big day on abc.
7:56 am
the countdown is on. i think we have a countdown clock on your screen somewhere to katie couric's new daytime talk show. it's called "katie." it premieres monday. check your local listings. she's our friends and colleague. we'll be watching closely. thank you for watching "gma" this morning. we're always online at on yahoo! always online at "gma" on yahoo!
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